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Motorcyclists are a special breed. The feeling of hopping on and catching the wind appeals to your unique sense of self-reliance and independence. We get it. We share your love of cruising the open road and feeling the kind of freedom only a motorcycle can offer. Of course, not all riders are alike. That’s why we tailor the precise policy you need to protect yourself and whatever style of bike you ride. All so you can roll with greater enjoyment and peace of mind.

 There are as many kinds of motorcycles as there are riders. And as the popularity of motorcycling continues to grow, especially among women, more styles and sizes of bikes come onto the market each year. Whether you’re into cruisers, choppers, sport cycles, touring bikes, scooters, or dirt bikes Infinity Insurance Agency has the coverage you need to properly protect it. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing the best policy to fit your life by letting us work with you to craft coverage to meet your unique needs.


What your motorcycle policy covers

Bodily Injury Liability

 This helps pay for hospital bills, medical expenses, and other costs related to an accident you are responsible for that injures someone other than a guest passenger. This coverage is the amount available to other people in the event of an injury. Since even relatively minor accidents can incur significant medical costs, having enough body injury liability is important for your protection. Talk with Infinity Insurance Agency to assess your risk.


 Guest Passenger Liability

 Specifically covers medical expenses for a guest passenger riding with you on your motorcycle. This does not include your spouse, who is already protected under your medical coverage.


Property Damage Liability

 This helps pay for repairs to someone else’s vehicle or personal property if you’re responsible for an accident.


Custom Parts and Equipment

 Custom parts reflect who you are — and they’re an important part of what makes your bike distinctly yours. Our companies provide $3,000 per bike in custom parts and equipment coverage at no charge. You also have the option to increase coverage up to $20,000 per bike. So express yourself! We will repair or replace your custom parts and equipment without adjustment for depreciation, which means your customizations are fully protected.




 Comprehensive coverage helps pay for repairs or replacement if your motorcycle is stolen, vandalized, or damaged in some way other than a collision. This coverage also protects you against loss or damage from flooding, fire, falling objects, wind, and collision with an animal. This coverage helps pay for repairs to your motorcycle for damage caused by an accident regardless of who is at fault. So you’re covered if your bike is knocked over, hit, or collides with another object.



This coverage helps pay for repairs to your motorcycle for the damage caused by an at-fault accident.


 No matter who is at fault, coverage is available to pay hospital bills and other medical care expenses for you and a guest passenger injured in an accident.



Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists (UM/UIM) Coverage

 It’s a common misconception that your health insurance will always cover additional medical bills you may have because of an accident. Actually, that’s what UM/UIM coverage is for. It pays for the care you need that isn’t covered by your health insurance. This includes pain and suffering, scarring, permanent impairment, and other conditions.

 Ride with confidence knowing help is on the way if you need it. Motorcycle roadside assistance includes towing to the nearest qualified repair shop, fuel and fluids delivery, basic emergency services, trip interruption benefits, and more.


 Trip interruption benefits are automatically included with your coverage. This helps pay for food and lodging if you’re stranded far from home due to a breakdown.

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