Give the gift of ‘green’ this holiday season

As the holidays approach, regular habits tend to fall to the wayside. Folks who are consistently rested lose sleep, habitual fitness fanatics sink into recliners and, occasionally, even the most environmentally committed citizens loosen up on their personal rules.

With a little know-how, along with a promise to give to the Minnesota environment just as you do to your loved ones over the holidays, you can be just as “green” as you are the rest of the year, if not even greener.

At Infinity Insurance Agency, we want you and the environment to breathe easy and experience joy this holiday season. Check out these pointers for reducing waste throughout and beyond the season.

  • Wrap it up (and again… and again…). Are you both giving and getting this year, or holding more than one gift exchange? If so, re-use items like wrapping paper, ribbon and packing materials. No one will complain about this kind of “re-gifting,” especially the environment.
  • Bring your own. The reusable bags you use for groceries each week work just as well for holiday shopping. Keep them in your trunk or near the door to your home through the season so you always have them on hand for gift buying.
  • Think “e-everything.” Everything that you traditionally did on paper – party invitations, greeting cards and holiday letters – can be just as meaningful and attractive when created and sent electronically.
  • Opt out. Retailers inundate consumers with catalogs through the holiday season. Collect them in a pile and dedicate some time to calling each one and asking to have your name removed from their mailing lists.
  • “Recycle-ize” your home. Place recycle receptacles in every room in which you will be cooking, having meals, discarding waste, wrapping gifts, decorating and working. This will keep recycling top-of-mind, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.


From Infinity Insurance Agency to you and yours, we wish you the greenest holiday season yet!